Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling

Doddridge County Fair Sunday, August 26, 2018

An iron and steel small cannonball, called a “bowl” is hurled down a 1.2 mile country lane, fewest throws to the finish line wins, similar to golf. Throws can roll 250 or even 300 yards.

Excitement builds as two evenly skilled players match each other shot for shot for more than a mile. Often these memorable matches, called “scores,” are decided by only a few feet or inches distance past the finish line, both players with the same number of throws.

The twists and turns of a narrow country lane as well as the tilt of the road surface (the “pitch and camber”) provide a rich playing field for strategy and can spark spirited debate among the thrower, his coach (the “road shower”) and full-throated spectators.

Before football, soccer, and basketball, before baseball and golf, was . . .

  The Old Game, Irish Road Bowling.

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Eric Bee – 304-299-2104


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