Fair Board

The Doddridge County Fair Commission Inc.

In 1976 a group of Doddridge County Citizens formed the Doddridge County Fair Commission Inc. It was a small event to showcase Agriculture in Doddridge County. We have grown to be a Family Fun Event where you will see friends from long ago. We will always remember our Agriculture roots hope to see you at this year’s fair.

Fair Commission Meetings are held 4th Tuesday of each month normally at the Doddridge County Park on Snowbird Road near West Union, WV.

Check on our Facebook Page for meeting announcements.

2021 Doddridge County Fair Executive Officers

Fair Commission President: DeeDee Nicholson
Fair Commission Vice President: Ryan Sutton
Fair Commission Secretary: Heather Rogers-Smith
Fair Commission Treasurer: Patricia Harris

2021 Doddridge County Fair Commission Members

Tim Powell, DeeDee Nicholson, Ryan Sutton, Patria Harris, Heather Rogers-Smith, Tina Towner, Kandis Towner, Alyssa Lipscomb, Jason Lipscomb, Kristin Rummler, Mindy Nicholson, Kaitlyn Underwood, Dawson Evans, Gabrielle Mucciola, Jordan Hill, Stephani Wilson, Jondrea Nicholson, Paige Nicholson, Missie Stephenson, Amanda Smarr, Paula Ash, Brandon Rogers, Timmy Sponaugle, Kristen Sponaugle, David McKinney, Jimmy McAfee, Tammy Mossor, Brandon Mossor, Lowel McAfee, Mike Bode Donnie Mossor, Eric Greathouse, Joshua Golden, Michelle Greathouse, Chris Rummier, Henry Ahouse, Gram Brewer, John Towner, Richard McMillan, Greg Cottrill, Larry Higgins, Zona Hutson, Patsy Heater, Jeff Harvey, Sharon Bee, John Bee

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