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Welcome to the home of the the 2017 Doddridge County Fair Commercial Booths Committee. We are excited that you are interested in joining our fair as a vendor. Our Fair is August 22 – 26, 2017 which is hosted at the Doddridge County Park. The Doddridge County Park is located along US Route 50. Our Fair average attendance is over 10,000 visitors which is larger than entire county of Doddridge. If you are a new vendor to our fair, please ask us questions so you will be comfortable with coming the fair hope to see you at the fair. Our Fair does fill up fast so please make sure to complete out an application send to the address on the form for acceptance.

The Following Links for Applications are PDF documents which require Adobe Reader or another program to open them.
visit https://get2.adobe.com/reader/

2017 Doddridge County Fair Vendor Agreement

Overview of the Doddridge County Park (September 2015)


Google Earth Doddridge Co. Park

Philip McMillan 304-873-1742
Contact email –philip.mcmillan@doddridgecountyfair.com

Chris Rummler 304-838-4244
Contact Email – chris.rummler@doddridgecountyfair.com

Ryan Sutton 304-672-5286
Contact Email – ryan.sutton@doddridgecountyfair.com

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