Amateur Talent


2017 Doddridge Co. Fair  Amateur Talent Show

August 23, 2017, 7:00 pm

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2017

 Talent Show Rules

There are three divisions of competition: Jr. 11 & under, Teen 12-16, and Adult 17 & over.
Amateur acts only. (No professionals/working performers)
Group acts limited to five (5) members.
The oldest member of the group will determine the division of all group acts.
Acts must be no longer than 3 minutes.  (If act is longer than 3 minutes, approval must be received from talent show director)
Acts must provide recorded music of good quality.  CD’s are strongly encouraged, if you need help with a CD let me know.  Have your tapes cued to the beginning.  (Upbeat songs are best for grabbing audience attention and it’s ok to say hey to the audience if you want).
Acts will be scored on Appearance, Stage Presence, Sound Quality, Rhythm and Timing, and Overall Audience Appeal.  Ten points awarded for each.  (The judges appreciate dressing to perform)
The decisions of the judges will be final.  ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION will be released to anyone except the contest directors.  (Score sheets will NOT be shared with contestants).
Ties will be performed again at the judge’s discretion.
No gifts should be given to any contestants until the contest is over and contestants have left the stage.
The Fair Board is not responsible for lost articles.  Contestants shall claim music, costumes, props, etc. at the stage area when the contest is over.
Contestants (group members) will pay $5.00 each (max. of $25.00) per entry.
The show is limited to the first 12 entries in each division.
Contestants may compete only once.  (Group or solo).
You must Pre-register to perform in the show.
Late entries are discouraged, however you may contact directors for further discussion.

Winners receive cash and trophy awards.

All contestants must sign in between 5:30-6:30 the night of the show at the stage area

Show Time:  7:00 pm              August 23, 2017

Thank You and Good Luck!

 Contact – Kristen Rummler – 304-838-4244 for More information

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